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Getting an oil change done on your truck is an essential part of maintaining its performance. The oil in the truck helps keep moving parts properly lubricated to reduce friction, which can cause the components to wear out faster than they should. Not only that, but a consistent oil change also keeps contaminants out of the engine and helps it run more efficiently. Bakersfield Mobile Truck Repair offers truck oil change services in Bakersfield, that are designed to keep your truck running smoothly. Call us today at (661) 464-0534!

About Bakersfield Mobile Truck Repair

Bakersfield Mobile Truck Repair is the one-stop shop for truck repairs in Bakersfield, CA. Our mechanics are experienced and trained to provide truck services that will keep your truck running at its best. We offer a wide range of truck repair services that are designed to meet the specific needs of your vehicle. Our services include mobile truck engine repair, semi truck repair, trailer repair, and more! We understand that keeping your truck running smoothly is essential to your livelihood, and we are here to help you keep it on the road! Call us today at (661) 464-0534 for more information!

Importance of Truck Oil Change

Keeping up with a regular truck oil change is one of the most important tasks for every truck driver. Regular oil changes help to keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently by flushing out dust, dirt and other contaminants that can build up over time. New oil in your truck will also provide better lubrication so your engine components last longer, reducing wear and tear. It also helps to protect against corrosion and the formation of sludge within the engine. This can lead to problems such as engine knocking, poor acceleration or excessive smoke from the exhaust system.

Furthermore, new oil reduces friction between moving parts so your vehicle runs more quietly and economically when accelerating or driving at higher speeds. Changing the oil regularly will keep your engine running at its peak performance, prolonging its life and helping you maintain peak efficiency on the road. To ensure that your truck continues to run properly and safely, be sure to stick to a regular schedule for changing out your oil filters and replacing old oil with new.

All this adds up to financial savings for you in the long run.  By investing in regular truck oil changes now you are ensuring high-performance levels down the road!

Truck Oil Change Process

Doing an oil change on a truck is an important maintenance ritual that should be performed regularly. It’s a relatively simple process that can extend the life of your vehicle and ensure it’s running its best.

To begin, our mechanics will need to warm up the engine for two to three minutes before parking on level ground. This helps ensure all the oil drains out. Next, we will locate the drain plug located near the base of the oil pan in order to empty out the used oil. With a wrench, we will loosen and remove it before letting the oil drain into a pan or container underneath your vehicle. Afterward, we’ll use a filter wrench to unscrew and replace with a new one. It’s important to be sure that both ends are tightened securely and there are no leaks. Finally, we will put back in new motor oil using an appropriately sized funnel until it reaches the full line on your dipstick.

Truck Oil Change Service in Bakersfield, CA

Our truck oil change services include:

  • Oil filter replacement, which is important in keeping contaminants out of the engine
  • Comprehensive inspection to ensure that all parts and components are in good condition
  • New oil to replace any old or contaminated lubricants
  • Expert advice on how to improve truck performance and keep your truck running smoothly

We also offer other services including trailer repair, mobile truck engine repair, trailer repair, and more.

At Bakersfield Mobile Truck Repair, we understand that truck owners have busy lives and can’t always get to the shop for regular maintenance. Call us today!

Contact Bakersfield Mobile Truck Repair

When it comes to truck oil changes in Bakersfield, CA, there’s no better team to trust than the experts at Bakersfield Mobile Truck Repair. Our skilled mechanics will have your truck running like new in no time – and we come to you! Give us a call today at (661) 464-0534 to schedule a service appointment. We look forward to keeping your truck on the road for years to come!

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